All That Binds Us

Setsun, Kamar, Shams, Mands, and Maria look like the quintessential faces of a diversity and inclusion poster. It's Canada Day and they're going to the club. But things aren't exactly as they seem...and who is this Kit guy? All That Binds Us is a live/live-streamed devised theatrical piece that weaves through time and space exploring the stories that bring individuals together into a complex and ever-shifting globalized community. At its heart, All That Binds Us is a contemplation of place, belonging, and an attempt to manifest cohesion in an increasingly fragmented world.

Warning: Adult situations, content that explores the complexities of racism in Canada, content related to war, haze and strobe light used in this performance

All That Binds Us: Created by Reneltta Arluk, Makram Ayache, Lebogang Disele, Jenna Rodgers, and Amena Shehab with thanks to Sissy Thiessen Kootenayoo, Barry Bilinsky, Tai Amy Grauman, Nadien Chu, and Sheldon Elter.
Direction: Reneltta Arluk*
Dramaturgy and Assistant Direction: Jenna Rodgers
Script Weaving: Makram Ayache
Stage Management: Kennedy Greene*
Performance: Makram Ayache, Amena Shehab, Lebogang Disele, Nadien Chu*, Sheldon Elter*, and Tai Amy Grauman.
Set, Costume, and Lighting Design: Elise CM Jason
Sound and Video Design: Effy Adar
Choreography: Richard Lee Hsi*
Production Management: Chris Kavanagh
Assistant Set, Costume, and Lighting Design: Even Gilchrist
Video and Sound Design Mentorship: Kalli Melenius of Freebird Entertainment
Video and Sound Design Programmer/Facilitator: Selina Painchaud

*The participation of these Artists are arranged by permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association under the provisions of the Dance•Opera•Theatre Policy.

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